Supplying the Three “C’s” of Good Corporate Writing

Good corporate writing can be a revelation – sending unexpected jolts of recognition through recipients and increasing the chances of greater interest, positive responses, and even new business. When writing works, a company’s world can change. And, to make it work for my clients, I focus on making their stories and the ways these stories are told clear, captivating, and commanding.

Clear writing draws readers and listeners in. I work to get to the heart of complex stories, asking questions only an observant outsider thinks of. Then I tell these stories simply and directly, backing up key points with tangible specifics and examples while keeping language precise, fresh, and jargon-free.

Captivating writing keeps them reading -- and thinking. I keep it human, giving the writing the right personality for the company and giving the audience good reasons to relate to – and care about -- the content. I also keep things brisk with concise wording and – when appropriate – engaging, clever phrasing.

Commanding writing closes the sale. Whatever the occasion, I work to give writing the calm authority that inspires confidence among readers and listeners – the kind of response that naturally leads to positive, long-term relationships.

To learn more about my corporate writing work and how I can help tell your organization’s stories in clearer, more captivating, and more commanding ways, just check out this site. Then, if you wish, get in touch at 650-804-2543 or at I would be happy to hear about your writing needs and suggest a variety of constructive, effective approaches.


"David Meuel is the person I always call for any business writing needs. I have worked with him since 1994, and I have used his services for marketing brochures, ads, direct mail pieces, articles, and websites for three different companies. My appreciation for his ability to transform raw information into clear, concise, precise, clever, and elegantly worded copy continues to grow every time I hire him. He is a master at coming up with just the right headline, title, or phrase to spark a reader's attention and imagination. He makes corporate writing memorable, even poetic, and that's a rare asset in a world where we need to compress our thoughts into as brief a message as possible ."

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